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5K & 10K

Want to experience more of your abilities and the great outdoors? Take a hike! (with us!)


KICK-OFF for the SPRING SEASON is May 5!

Looking to be more active and/or get out in nature? Join the Fleet Feet x HOKA Hiking Club - it's a great way to get moving, make new friends and explore some of the wonderful trails in the greater Columbus area. We will help you find goal hikes, create a training plan for your needs and provide accountability with twice weekly hikes.


When can I start:

Group hikes take place year-round and you can join any time!


Winter session

  • January 7-March 24

  • April off

  • Goal race: Fluffy Duck on April 7th

Spring/Summer session

  • May 5-July 28

  • August off

  • Goal race: Firefly Endurance Challenge on June 22-23.


Fall session

  • September 8-November 24

  • December off

  • Goal race: Autumn Squatch for November 3

How does it work

  • Hiking Club Annual Membership (Jan through November '24) $200
    • Race entry to all four races listed below

      • Fluffy Duck (April)

      • Firefly (June)

      • The Hoot (August)

      • Autumn Squatch (November)

    • Hiking Club Team Jacket

    • 2x Structured group workouts per week for each of three sessions

    • Hiking Club Swag each session

  • Hiking Club Seasonal Membership (see dates above) $75

    • Race entry to season goal race race.

    • 2x Structured group workouts per week for each of three sessions

    • Hiking Club Swag each session


What do I get?

  • Accountability of having a group to hike with 

  • Time with new friends in nature

  • Printable training schedule based on your individual goals

  • Hiking Club shirt

  • Opportunity to explore local parks/trails with the group 

  • Weekly motivational and educational coaching emails

  • Exclusive demo opportunities for HOKA shoes and products

  • Fleet Feet Discount – 10% off everything, plus 10% back in rewards through the Fleet Feet App.

  • Unparalleled motivation and the camaraderie of fellow participants with the same training goal!

When are the workouts? 

The group hosts two organized workouts per week: 


  • Thursday evenings at 6:30 at Highbanks Metro Park

  • Sunday mornings at 8:30am at a different Central Ohio park - that will be communicated upon registration.    

What do I need to get started?


  • A desire to get moving!

  • A handheld bottle or hydration vest

  • Getting properly fit for trail shoes is a good idea but that can wait until after our first hike





Your trailblazers leading the way are:

Deirdre Pifer

Deirdre's journey with Fleet Feet began in 2014 as a beginner in the No Boundaries 5k program. She then became a mentor for the group and also joined MIT. She has completed distances from 5k to 50k in the last 9 years. Her love of trail running and hiking has taken her focus from the road and into the forest. Deirdre is an artist, so you may see her out painting after a hike!

Peggy Dunn

Peggy joined MIT in 2018 and has since completed multiple half marathons, a virtual full and a 50k ultra, while finding a wonderful community of running friends. An avid hiker, Peggy loves visiting National Parks and is looking forward to the 2nd year of the hiking club.

Lynne Johansson

Lynne has been involved with Fleet Feet since 2013 as a participant, volunteer pacer and MIT coach. She enjoys covering long distances and has completed 50k's and a 50 miler. She is enjoying the time in the woods and lots of trail miles to come.


Donna Poland

Donna began with Fleet Feet MIT in June of 2014 in preparation for her second marathon. She started pace coaching in January of 2017. Over the years she has completed a number of road races from 5ks to marathons and numerous trail races from 10k to a 50 miler. She loves the trails in Ohio, being surrounded by nature and also traveling to different states and trails.

Mary Ziejewski

Mary joined the Fleet Feet crew in 2014, participating in the No Boundaries program. Since then she has been a member of MIT, training with and cheering on others preparing for goal races such as the Cap City 1/2. Her enthusiasm for others is most noticeable when volunteering at events. More than the medals, Mary cherishes the friends she has made as a member of the running community.

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